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The Lite Sat-FP-P, or Lite Sat® Putter, is a tactical flat panel Electronically Steerable Array (ESA) based satellite communications system. The first of its kind device is available with a variety of options tailored to meet the needs of today’s war-fighter. The system is optimized specifically to operate over the OVZON worldwide network. The data throughput of this system on the OVZON network is a true game changer in the SATCOM Market.

The standard unit has 1 Transmit (Tx) and 1 Receive (Rx) array packaged with the RF Equipment (RFE), controller and embedded UHP modem. The Putter is designed to be pulled out of a ruck sack and set up an immediate satellite link. The ESA antennas make the Putter effortless to point as the ACU and panels will self align with the target satellite. The Putter teamed with the OVZON network combines simple usability with extraordinary network speed!

Our ESA panels have the best performance on the market today. The system is linear polarized with a circular polarization option.

Ideal For

  • Military World Wide Deployment
  • Executive Travel Teams
  • Border Security
  • Law Enforcement
  • Counterterrorism
  • SNG
  • EOD Teams
  • Special Operations Teams

Standard Features

  • Ku ESA Panels
  • Web Based LiteLink GUI
  • “One Button” Auto Acquisition
  • Smartphone/Tablet Control
  • Embedded UHP Modem
  • MIL STD 810H Packaging
  • Easy to Follow Operator Card

Optional Features Include

  • Battery Expansion Pack
  • Wi-Fi
  • Custom Transit Case
  • Mil-Std-810 Certification
  • Custom Colors
  • Handheld Display/Controller

RF Performance

  Lite Sat-FP-P
Transmit (GHz) 12.75-13.25
Receive (GHz) 10.7-11.7
EIRP (dBW) Nominal 34.5
G/T (dB/K) Nominal 3


Operational -30 to +55C (-22 to +131F)
Storage -40 to +60C (-40 to +140F)
Wind Load Greater than 48 kph, gusts to 72 kph (30 mph, gusts to 45 mph)

*Specifications are subject to change as Lite Coms® Engineers are continuously striving to improve performance of all of our products.