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The Lite Sat-FP-C, or Lite Sat® Cart, is a tactical flat panel Vehicular Electronically Steerable Array (ESA) based satellite communications system. The first of its kind device is available with a variety of options tailored to meet the needs of today’s war-fighter. The systems operate over traditional Ku GEO satellites, OVZON 30B networks and Ku LEO. The data throughput of this system on the OVZON and LEO networks are a true game changer in the SATCOM Market.

The Cart is a 6 Receive (Rx) and 6 Transmit (Tx)* vehicular satellite terminal designed for easy mounting on Vehicles, MRZRs, or other all-terrain type mobile platforms. There are two configurations available, an all in one assembly or a separate Tx and Rx package. An RF Equipment (RFE) is included for mounting in the vehicle. Multiple optional modems are also available.

Optional modems include the Lite Sat-TMA-950 which incorporates the iDirect 950 modem, the UHP-200 modem used on OVZON and the all new  LEO constellation.

Our ESA panels have the best performance on the market today. The system is linear polarized with a circular polarization option.

*4 panel model available

Ideal For

  • Military World Wide Deployment
  • Executive Travel Teams
  • Border Security
  • Law Enforcement
  • Counterterrorism
  • SNG
  • EOD Teams
  • Special Operations Teams

Standard Features

  • Ku ESA Panels
  • Web Based LiteLink GUI
  • “One Button” Auto Acquisition
  • Vehicle Mount Brackets
  • Multi-Orbit Capable
  • Modem Agnostic
  • MIL STD 810H Packaging
  • Easy to Follow Operator Card

Optional Features Include

  • Custom Vehicle Mount Kit
  • iDirect 950 Modem Package
  • OVZON UHP Modem Package
  • LEO Modem Package
  • Mil-Std-810 Certification
  • Custom Colors
  • Customer Defined Modems
  • Wi-Fi

RF Performance

  Lite Sat-FP-C-4 Lite Sat-FP-C-6
Transmit (GHz) 12.75-13.25/13.75-14.5 12.75-13.25/13.75-14.5
Receive (GHz) 10.7-11.7/10.7-12.75 10.7-11.7/10.7-12.75
EIRP (dBW) Nominal 46.5 50.1
G/T (dB/K) Nominal 9.0 11.5
Terminal Size 32"x34"x5" 32"x34"x5"


Operational -40 to +55C (-40 to +131F)
Storage -40 to +70C (-40 to +158F)
Vehicle Speed Greater than 100 mph

*Specifications are subject to change as Lite Coms® Engineers are continuously striving to improve performance of all of our products.