The lightest, most durable 2.2M Auto Acquire
Carbon Fiber VSAT terminal on the market.

ABOUT LITE SAT 2.2 Auto Acquire

Designed for today’s user, the Lite Sat 2.2A VSAT terminal is lightweight, scalable and built to last.

The Lite Sat 2.2A VSAT terminal packs into five transit cases, all under 112lbs, and an additional case per band kit, making it the smallest pack out available for a high-performance carbon fiber auto acquire antenna by over 300lbs.

The quality construction of the reflector and pedestal is rugged and built to last yet surprisingly easy to set up. The flexible design interfaces with a variety of rugged outdoor modems or via IFL to an indoor rack.

The lightweight, high performance Lite Sat 2.2A VSAT terminal has a projected life of 15+ years. This field proven positioner also includes MEO tracking and a low PM option.

Available frequency options include Ku, Ka, X and C band. The unit will be ARSTRAT certified and MIL STD 810 approved in 2019.

  • Number of Cases
  • Weight Max (ea.)
  • Each Additional Band
  • Manual Version Reduces to
  • Reflector
  • Construction

112 lbs
1 Case
3 Cases
2.2M Carbon Fiber


Transport Configuration
MIL STD 810 for Temp, Humidity, Altitude, Salt Spray, Transport Shock, and Vibration

Operational Configuration
MIL STD 810 for Temp, Humidity, Altitude, Salt Spray, Transport Shock, and Vibration

AC Power 115V AC ± 5%
  60Hz ± 5Hz
Consumption <1500W
Wind Loading

45 mph gusting to 60 mph

Band, G/T (dB), EIRP (dBW)
Band G/T (dB) EIRP (dBW)
Ku 25.9 66
Ka 27.5 70.2
X 21.8 62.2
C 17 59
Operating Frequencies
Band Transmit (GHz) Receive (GHz)
Ku 13.75-14.5 10.70-12.75
Ka 29.0-31.0 19.2-21.2
X 7.9-8.4 7.25-7.75
C 5.85-6.425 3.625-4.2
Modem Options
iDirect 950 (integrated) or 900 rack
Comtech 1050, 5650
L3T Net Centric Waveform (NCW)
ViaSat CBM400, EBEM
Low PIM X Light Weight non-810 cases
Snow and Ice Cover Integrated Spectrum Analyzer
Beacon Receiver Integrated Modems
Integrated Base Band Integrated Encryption
Vehicular/Trailer Mount Alternate Power Supplies

*Specifications are subject to change as Lite Coms LLC Engineers are continuously striving to improve performance of all of our products.